Is He the One?


Personalities can blend together well. They can clash as well. And even if the sex is great, not everyone can get along with you… and vice versa. Aristotle taught us the golden mean, and I think it works with relationships as well. Sometimes two extroverts simply require too much energy to thrive. A number of the most joyful couples that I’ve known have a balance between introvert and extrovert.

One carries more color. One keeps things more stable.

Often, it’s nice to complement each other. She teaches you to get out more. He trains you to enjoy the grounding of residence. Over the long haul this kind of balance will play out well. If you are too far-off spaced out in the extrovert/introvert dynamic, then problems will arise as you both will fail to get your needs met.

Fit is about balance.

Ask yourself if you have a good fit with your potential partner.

Home Life:

After treating countless families and twenty & thirty year olds, it often comes down to what happens during a 24 hour period at home. Do you walk on eggshells? Are you completely comfortable in your own home? Or, do you carry some tension about how he or she may react to whatever may come up?

  • Stay with people who co-inhabit an easy home life.

The world is tough enough out there. In fact, it’s a pretty cold place.

So your home needs to be a calm, happy respite at the end of the day. If you and your partner are arguing, tense, and never quite settled, please consider seeing a counselor. You are participating in a less than adequate relationship, which has the potential to get worse, particularly with the pressures of money and children. And sometimes people stick in such relationships because that is all they know from their own family of origins or they believe that they can fix a broken person. Watch out.

Go for a happy and easy home life.

Let the hard stuff happen elsewhere, like at work and such.

How to Help Your Boyfriend Bond with Your Family as the Holidays Approach

You are pretty sure you have met “the one” and you couldn’t be happier. There’s just one problem: He hasn’t met your family yet. The holidays are quickly approaching, and you’re a little worried how it’s all going to play out. Stop stressing! There’s still plenty of time to help your boyfriend bond with your family at a slow and steady pace so the holidays will be enjoyable for all and maybe even bring an engagement (too much wishful thinking?). We believe that a great way to help a guy get distracted and fill his thoughts with something more interesting, for example, you can offer him a joint visit to an adult dating hookup sites this way you encourage him and possibly strengthen your relationship.

Get Together

Since you’re planning on spending your life with your special guy, the first meeting is inevitable, so you may as well get it over with. Consider arranging a special dinner in a neutral territory. If you are unsure where to go, Yelp is a great resource for unbiased reviews on local restaurants. You can search by restaurant type, like American, Italian, or Chinese, so pick a style of food you know your parents (especially your dad) will love to help ease the tension. While at the restaurant, make sure your boyfriend listens attentively to your parents and answers all questions honestly. The last thing you want is for their relationship to start out with lies.

Make it Often

You can’t just introduce your boyfriend once and then expect the holidays to be hunky-dory. If you’re really serious about this guy, you need to get him together with your family at least once per month. That is a good frequency for the bond to stay strong between visits, but it’s not so often that they start to get annoyed by each other. There are many fun activities you can do together, like a family camping trip to break you all away from your electronics. Even something as simple as a game night can be a lot of fun for everyone. Just avoid this option if your family is known for extreme competitiveness that might scare your boyfriend away.

Step it Up

Now that your boyfriend is really getting to know your family, it’s time for him to step it up a notch and really show your parents that he cares about them. To do this, he needs to figure out what your parents’ love languages are. Dr. Gary Chapman believes there are five different ways that people prefer to be loved, including acts of service, receiving gifts and enjoying quality time. If your mom prefers to receive gifts, then you should have your boyfriend send her some fall flower arrangements to decorate her home with. FTD offers many different bouquets at every budget, so cost is no excuse. If your dad’s love language is acts of service, you could have your boyfriend surprise him by mowing the lawn for him. Even if your boyfriend is not that handy, can help him figure out how to do just about anything.



How to handle emotions in romance?

Life becomes beautiful in the companionship of such a loving partner. But the path of love is not always smooth and romantic.

A romantic relationship has its share of challenges that one has to go through. Since this directly concerns with the emotions and deep personal feelings, it is important that the person manages his emotions well and doesn’t lost the perspective of things in the flow of emotions. Someone loves you for support, care and strength, so you need to be emotionally stable and capable of providing support to the person for a strong relationship.

The very beginning of gaining mastery over your emotions is to admit to yourself that you have got a problem. You must ask yourself questions relating to how you would behave if your girlfriend leaves you at the present stage of life. How would you react if you find her to be cheating on you? Not being negative, but these are the actual scenarios that one may face in a relationship, and then his capability to overcome these challenges will be tested. It is better to be prepared beforehand. You should have the mentality that among the whole world and one girl, the world is important to you. You have other relationships to nurture and take care of. And you have many pretty prospective partners too to look around!

Try to answer yourself what was the probable shortcoming in you that lead to that negative feeling creep up in you. Once you identify that, find out the ways to get out of such a negative emotions. If in the past, you have got dumped by your girlfriend(s) and you have ended up being on your knees or begging them to come back to your life, then the word of caution is , don’t do it again. Make sure that as your partner has done, you also move on with some hotter person who can calm and soothe your feelings.

Believe in yourself, you yourself are the comprehensive person that you always wanted to be you are not diffident or insecure as you presume to be, and you do not need to be someone else to attract the opposite sex for a potential love relationship. You need to throw away all the fears and self consciousness that you have harbored in yourself.

You have to believe that you are perfect and do not require any development to be a alpha human being. Developing such kind of confidence will help you abundantly in dealing with your present relationship. The belief in yourself will make you glow and your partner will be more attracted to you than ever. Do not plead with her to get back to the relationship, if you have compromised with your feelings once; keep in mind you will keep on repeating that. Instead focus on how to improve yourself with the test of a relationship.